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8/31/2009 10:32:32 pm

I really like it. It's interesting and really well narrated. (and, Nicolle, you look great on camera). :-)

9/1/2009 08:33:11 am

I'm interested to see what conclusions you come to. For me the cost of CDs stopped me buying music, not the internet. Shops in NZ still charge NZ$35 for a CD, which is ridiculous. Before downloading became prevalent (and thus entered my ludite realm) I was buying perhaps one CD for every 5-6 I copied from friends. All the internet has done for me is extend my sources to people I don't know. For CDs and bands I really like I buy band merchandise from their online stores, so they are getting money directly. I guess this means I am only helping bands who are innovative or business-oriented enough to have a revenue stream outside of CD sales.


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