Stefan and Nicolle co-produced, co-directed, and co-edited the series.

Nicolle Weeks

A Toronto native living in London, Nicolle's first editorial experience took place at the now defunct Tapscott Kids’ Newsletter, which she founded and edited. Her experience in broadcast media spans over eleven years, from her first job at the CBC to her experience consulting on websites for clients like The British Council. Now the editor of, she continues her interest for digital media its relationship with the music industry.
Aside from web stuff, music and journalism, Nicolle enjoys a good coffee and travel. For her portfolio, check out her personal site. For something more interesting, listen to her station.

Stefan Peters

Stefan Peters is a music lover, digital media enthusiast and enjoys seeing live shows around London. He made his first degree in Berlin and has worked in media production and music before he decided to do a MA in Culture Industry at Goldsmiths College.

At the age of nine, he got hooked onto music when listening to 'Appetite for Destruction' in his sister's bedroom.

Besides playing a wicked guitar riff, Stefan makes a delicious pasta dish.