Featured Interviews

The following people in digital music culture helped us with our research by providing their time and expertise to this project:

Caroline Bottomley - Radar Music Videos
Michael Breidenbruecker - RJDJ
Andrew Dubber - Birmingham School of Media
Tim Hadley - Omnifone
Emilie Martin & Seamus Hayes  - Shuffle
Spencer Hickman - Rough Trade
Chris Kimber - BBCAudio & Interactive
Nick Thomas & Mark Mulligan - Forrester Research
Jonas Woost - Last.fm


The following people dedicated time, effort and help to our project and we're eternally grateful.

Dr. Josephine Berry-Slater, Goldsmiths (Dissertation advisor)
Dr. Matthew Fuller, Goldsmiths (Culture Industry Course Convenor)
Mark Edmondson, Goldsmiths
Mark Friend, BBC
Alex Gordon, Sign Salad
James Belsey
David Shepheard, Goldsmiths
Adela Santana, Goldsmiths
Meher Mirza
Spiros Andreou, Goldsmiths
Jonas Woost, Last.fm

Special thanks to Nick Cohen, who spent hours with us in the editing suite, providing professional assistance with the editing process.

And, last, but not least, thanks Internet! You're the best.

In the spirit of collaborative culture, we were able to use some footage that we didn't film ourselves.

Open Source Cinema, a project that produced RIP: A Remix Manifesto 2.0 (a big inspiration for us), allowed us to use the Lawrence Lessig speech in our series with their Creative Commons copyright. For that we're grateful.

Also an inspiration was the Girl Talk Bounce That video, created by students at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. This project was also part of the Open Source Cinema project.

We also used some music and footage from YouTube.com to highlight points in an educational context.

Walk It Out - Unk
Single Ladies - Beyonce
The Gloaming - Radiohead
The Gloaming DJ Shadow Remix - Radiohead, DJ Shadow
"The Gloaming Combo" - The Dance Centre Contemporary Class, choreographed by Emily Chism
Bounce That - Girl Talk
Cover of The Last Time - mtreed55
Sinnerman - Nina Simone (Felix Da Housecat Remix)
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order (Unknown Author Remix)
Revolution - Nina Simone